BTB Captial Group, LLC is:

We’re a full-service real estate management and advisory firm in every sense of those terms. We serve, individual owners, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s and trustees in and around the United States.  We manage residential, multi-family, retail and general commercial properties on a daily basis. Our primary goal is always to keep you both protected and informed through transparency and ever-lasting integrity at all times.

In addition to property management, we also specialize in maintenance and preservation, investments, asset management and advisory and more. All of our solutions are highly customized, addressing the needs of each clients requirements and goals.

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management & Advisory
  • Investments
  • REO Management, Maintenance, & Preservation

What Separates Us From The Rest:

  • We set goals with our clients.
  • Customized service & reporting.
  • We are hands-on.